2013 Sanghyeok Lee

“I have wandered around on to the other side of world from where I grew up. This is the life I have chosen to lead. I am very conscious of what the differences are from one place to the other. I take these experiences in intuitively but if I look back on all my experiences, atmospheres and feelings, it becomes an endless source of inspiration for my works. It is always a long process to figure out what I am looking at or what I am imagining. I in order to figure out, I work with my hands and patience.”

Sanghyeok Lee is born in Korea, but now lives in Berlin. He took his bachelor degree at the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands and Rhode Island School of Design in USA. To make his designs come as close to his idea as possible, Sanghyeok combines ideas and knowledge from his home country with experience from his education in his design process.


“Useful Living Series”

“I like wood as a material. I like the feeling of touching it. I like the smell of it. My South Korean ancestors thought that wood never dies. Even though it is cut it always breathes in and out everywhere it is placed. I think the consequence of these ideas can be seen in my design process.”

Like a scaffolding set for construction, young designers often have a nomadic lifestyle, moving around to places, where they can make use of their skills. During his residency in Denmark, Sanghyeok has refined his initial designs for his project “Useful Living Series” into a series of furniture: a shelf, a rack and a chair. “Useful Living” is ready-to-assemble furniture, adaptable to support a nomadic life, which takes inspiration from young people in situations quite like Sanghyeok’s own. The materials are brass and oak.

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